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    An Advocate You Can Trust

    You’re here because you’re on the lookout for a home buying or selling advocate.

    Maybe you’re just in the planning phase — doing some research, dreaming big dreams — but you know buying a house is the single biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Selling your home can be the most daunting. You know that when it’s time to get serious, it’s going to be vital to find a realtor you’re truly comfortable with. Know what? You’re right. It’s really important. You want to feel — on a gut level — like you can trust that person. You want to know they’re savvy, they know the ropes and that they get it when you say you’re not just looking for a house, but a home. That they understand when you say you want to get the best price for your house, not just sell it quickly.

    You want a Realtor like Susan Gregory.

  • Clarifying the process

    Whether you’re buying, selling, or just investigating what’s possible, Susan will clarify the process for you, because she knows you probably want to learn something along the way, not just survive the process. Susan understands that every client is a real person with real challenges and real budgets, which is why she listens so closely to what you’re saying.

    She’ll roll up her sleeves and dig in, bringing her years of experience from every aspect of the housing industry to help you meet your specific goals.

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  • There’s a reason she’s ranked among the top 1% of Clark County’s Realtors.

    In an industry where it’s easy to end up feeling like a statistic, Susan will leave you feeling like you’ve just made the best decision of your life.

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    When Experience Meets Passion

    A career invested in getting to know people and property

    Before becoming one of the most respected realtors in Clark County, Susan was a bookkeeper. From there, she worked for an established local home builder working with contractors, managing rental properties, assisting tenants as well as working side-by-side with buyers and sellers. She’s also run a homeowner’s association, so she gets the long-term side of things. With all this experience, she knows about real estate from every angle.

    Restoring hope when housing seems out of reach

    Want to know what interests her more than houses? People just like you. Do you need hope because buying a home seems impossible? Susan can help. Completely lost about what you can get for your house? Susan will find out. Need someone who loves to answer when you call? Susan picks up. Want to work with someone who won’t look down on your budget — someone who will get to know you and your family inside and out so that you can hand pick the best solution for your family together? Susan is that kind of person.

    Recharging locally during down time

    When she’s not working, Susan will probably be out kayaking on Lacamas Lake with her husband or a friend or walking along Heritage Trail. That’s where she goes to recharge and reflect on the things that really matter—like family, friends, and a life well lived.

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